After hip resurfacing I am rediscovering the joys of trail running in New Zealand.

You may still be able to run with a hip replacement using an appropriate running technique and with the right approach.

Your much requested eBook

A big thanks to all those who have requested more information about how to run with a hip replacement. I have spent the last few months writing a 90 page eBook which I hope will at least partly satisfy.
You can buy the eBook through Amazon for a very small fee ($2.99).
Click on Read more » to view the INTRODUCTION to the eBook which gives you a flavour for what's inside.


"Running defines me. It is a euphoric feeling I look forward to every day. It keeps me connected to life."
Allan Steinfield, New York City Marathon Race Director and a leading authority on the technical aspects of road racing.

When you need a hip replacement and are advised to steer clear of high-impact activities you may still be able to run. This book will show you how.
Running, such a simple way to find pleasure, fulfilment, good health, community and a thousand other rewards for just putting one foot in front of the other. So when you are told that you need a hip replacement the news is not good. But don't despair just yet, this book explores how you can run without jarring your hip, what you can do to prepare for surgery and how to manage your recovery to give yourself the best chance of running again.
Avoiding running may seem like sound advice from a non-runner’s standpoint, but for avid runners it can be devastating. Many ignore the do-not-run advice and continue to run anyway. If you are lucky your surgeon will have told you it's OK to run, but that you will be wearing out your new prosthetic faster. If you do intend to run you will want to know how to reduce wear and tear, and how to run safely, because it’s not the running that is the problem; it’s how you run on your new hip.
The tips in this book have been gathered from many runners who have successfully returned to running and some that haven’t. We’ll also look at what you can do to prepare for surgery and how to manage your recovery to give yourself the best chance of running again. 
By adopting a low-impact, low-risk running style and armed with the right knowledge and a cautious approach, you may still be able to run despite your hip replacement. After reading this book talk to your surgeon about what you plan to do, preferably well before your operation as some types of prosthetic are more robust than others and every case is different. Hopefully you will soon be enjoying your favourite running routes again with an understanding of what it takes to successfully run long-term with a hip replacement.

(21,000 words)

I'll have time to post more blogs here now that I've finished the eBook, especially about the latest research that is shining more light on how to run with a hip replacement.